A Malaysian Journal:

Malaysia and Texas

(14 June 78)

Well, I had planned to limit notes to one a week, at most. Based on the way things are going, I suspect it will be rather more than that during the first couple of months and less later on. So I'll stop apologizing and just send the darn things. This particular note is being sent both to the Malaysian Journal list and my '-select' humor list.

Having graduated from a Texas high school, the enclosed is wonderfully a propos. Even though it's a very old Texas joke, I'm delighted to see that it's been adapted for international use.

Via: Jackie Snell

(This was a joke told over lunch today, by a Malay, to 3 Danish diplomats. I guess everybody knows about Texans.)

A Malay was driving his guest from Texas around KL. They drove by a large skyscraper and the Texan asked how long it took to build. The Malay said it was supposed to take 1 year, but with Japanese technology it was finished in 9 months. The Texan said, oh, in Texas it would take only 6 months.

Then they drove by Bank Bumiputra headquarters (another skyscraper), and the Texan asked how long that took to build. The Malay said "I don't know, I was by here last week and it wasn't here then."

Later, the Texan said he would like to visit the east coast and the Malay said he could arrange that. So he called his friend at a fancy hotel in Cherating to reserve 2 rooms. "Can you get a giant leather-back turtle and put it under the bed in one room? Never mind why, I'll tell you when we arrive." His friend said sure.

So they put the turtle under the bed, and it was so big it could only half fit under. The Malay and the Texan arrive, the M drops the T at his room door and says "I'm right next door, so if you need anything just knock." The T walks in and sees this giant animal sticking out from under the bed and he can't believe his eyes. He runs next door and tells the M to come see, something is in his room. The M says "I'm sure it's nothing..."

"... No, no, come see!" So they go back to the T's room and T says "What is it?"

M: "Oh, that. That's just a Malaysian bed bug."