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Brandenburg InternetWorking assists clients in developing network-based applications businesses, designing system architectures for them, and pursuing industry standardization as a strategic corporate effort. Brandenburg offers thirty-five years of expertise, developing distributed information system products, services and businesses. 


Brandenburg has unique experience creating Internet-related ventures.  If your company wants to build or use Internet services, Brandenburg can provide the planning and design skills.  Brandenburg will share its understanding of Internet culture and operation, and assist your group in defining and designing a competitive advantage


Distributed Information Systems

Business, marketing and technical development all must navigate through real-world constraints.  Brandenburg utilizes its extensive marketing and technical experience to discover and design creative solutions based on a solid assessment of customer needs.  Particular attention is paid to problems of adoption, interoperability, operation, scaling and enhancement. 


Example Assistance

Developing the business, market and technical case  
Analyzing strategic market factors
Designing system architectures or protocol specifications  
Evaluating network and Internetwork services, topology and security
Coordinating planning efforts  
Evaluating intellectual property
Suggesting enhancements to current project efforts  
Directing interactions with outside groups such as standards bodies



Brandenburg principal, David H. Crocker, has contributed to the development of Internet technology and products for 30 years. He is trained in computer science, group communications and psychology. He has:



Portola Communications, producing email server software and sold to Netscape.


Boldfish, producing subscription bulk mail software.


Tribalwise, investigating product support tools for escalated problems, using knowledge management technology for unstructured documents.

Held area director positions with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), variously responsible for network management, middleware and standards oversight.

Led design of TCP/IP capabilities for ATM-based interactive cable television service

Participated in program planning for twice-annual international conference (Networld+Interop).

Made seminal contributions to the development and operation of Internet technology and standards, including electronic mail (RFC822, MIME, SMTP, MMDF, CSNet), facsimile, electronic commerce (EDI), instant messaging, network management, middleware and internetwork-level services.

Developed and operated CSNet (precursor to NSFnet) and MCI Mail national email services, designed two others services, and was CEO of a community nonprofit ISP.

Managed and led market planning and technical development of TCP/IP and OSI stacks and SNMP network management products for several Silicon Valley companies.



Recent Projects

Current efforts focus on advanced email applications, Internet infrastructure administration, and wireless access. Recent activities cover:

Lead efforts in email authentications, for detecting transit fraud


Proposed multi-addressing enhancement to Internet protocol stack, to support mobility and multihoming.

Analyzed use of multi-enterprise messaging system architecture


Initiated and led first standards effort for facsimile over the Internet

Wrote email security services evaluation


Reviewed strategic plans for Asian state government Internet services

Developed plans for enhancements to Internet naming service


Co-founded industry trade associations, one for promoting and enhancing Internet mail (IMC)



Recent Clients

Some clients wish to maintain a confidential relationship. Others have included:

  • Goodmail Systems
  • Proofpoint
  • Panasonic Communications
  • I-Pass
  • Comcast
  • Freddie Mac
  • Fish & Neave
  • Boldfish
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Metricom
  • Neustar


Working Relationship

Brandenburg takes an entrepreneurial view of its arrangements with clients, seeking role and terms that are helpful to both parties. Although each client's needs are unique, the most common types of relationships are:

Strategic Partner

Brandenburg has had extensive participation in business and technical planning cycles, often leading portions of the teamwork, such as development of venture funding presentation and product architecture design. A particular focus is on a solid foundation of customer benefit and revenue potential. Compensation includes equity and a reduced fee.



In a long-term role, Brandenburg participates in periodic discussion and review of plans and projects. Compensation is usually a combination of fee and equity.


Special Projects

These efforts entail a precise statement of work and clear set of deliverables, usually in the form of a report. Project duration is bounded and often is quite aggressive. Compensation is typically fixed fee, but may be time-and-materials.

Brandenburg service may be provided by telephone, facsimile, postal or electronic mail, or on-site visits


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